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I'm a full-stack web and mobile developer, with 20+ years of experience and a passion for creating impact projects for the benefit of the local communities


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Ready to contribute to your projects using PHP, JavaScript, Flutter, WordPress and more.


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My Story

I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering, a course that initially sparked my interest in the vast world of technology. However, my programming skills found their true application within the creative sectors of communication, marketing, and advertising agencies. There, I was able to refine my abilities, adapting and growing them to meet the diverse needs of each project. This experience wasn’t just about coding; it was about understanding how technology can communicate ideas and engage communities effectively.

As I continued on my path, I found a special interest in supporting startups, especially those aiming to make a meaningful impact. My focus shifted towards creating and contributing to digital tools that serve communities, making day-to-day life a little easier or more connected. It’s a journey that has allowed me to see the direct effects of my work on individuals and groups, motivating me to keep learning and improving in ways that support collective growth and well-being. This path is not just about the technical skills but about understanding and contributing to a bigger picture, one project at a time.

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